A warm welcome to Åland and to experience Eckerö!

” When I was little I thought Paradise lay in Eckerö, Käringsund. My cousin and I used to dress up in grandmothers nightgowns and run along the beach or up to the beautiful clearings of the untouched forest. There we pretended we were princesses, with our long hair blowing in the wind..”
Yvonne Sjöström, born in Stockholm, but living wholeheartedly in Eckerö since many years.

This fantastic island in red granite emerges from a sea that shifts in every colour of blue, and welcomes you with a warm smile. Eckerö, the sunny side of Åland, is a miniature Åland. Here you can find the best beach of Åland, beautiful red granite rocks, and almost everywhere you go you can see or hear the sound of the sea. Here we live a nice summer life, you can easily walk between grand buildings of the Tsarist era and experience authentic fishing hamlet environments where “We on Seacrow Island” was filmed. Here you can find a nice mix of camping sites, cottages, hotels, cafés, pubs, and restaurants. The nature tempts you with beautiful herbs, orchids and rocks, beaches and swims in the sea.