The Eckerö Classic

Eckerö is an ancient Swedish cultural district and the most western municipality of the Swedish-speaking autonomy of Åland. The place has experienced both Viking journeys, early settlements, and the medieval national road between Stockholm and Turku, as well as the mail rowing across the Sea of Åland. Here the last battle of Åland and the soon-to-be Grand Duchy of Finland took place in 1809, and for over a century the Russian tsar had his western outpost and border post here.
Here we have gathered the best things to do, see, and taste in Eckerö.


Rent a bike

On two wheels you get close to nature, you feel the aromas, and you quickly reach all our nice sights. The distances are not long. In your lunch pack you can pack a “hemvete” sandwich and Alandian apple juice, or why not stop on the road and have an Alandian ice cream. Some black bread you are bringing with you home, right?

The Geo Path

From the Hunting & Fishing Museum you can follow the Geo Path on a journey through billions of years of volcanoes, mountain ranges, meteorites, fossils, and glaciers. Spend a couple of hours in the beautiful nature of Åland and listen to what the famous red rocks tell you. Take their story with you home as a souvenir. The story has been there for 2000 million years. Remember to visit the Hunting & Fishing Museum as well, full of exciting stories of life back in the days.

Käringsund Fishing Hamlet

The old fishing hamlet of Käringsund is a unique environment with its well-kept and densely built boathouses. The place used to function as recording place for many scenes from Astrid Lindgren’s “We on Seacrow Island”. Tjorven and Båtsman have been here, have you?

Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House

The unusually beautiful building from the beginning of the 19th century was drawn by the architects Engel and Bassi. The grand building became the Russian Empire’s outpost towards west. Nowadays the house is a cultural centre with museums, exhibitions, concerts, theatre, production of chocolate, and a café. The first post office in Finland opened in 1778 in a building close by that later has functioned as a guesthouse.

Eckerö Church

S:t Lars’s Church dedicated to the saint S:t Laurentius was built in the 13th century. The unusually large tower came to being later on and the beautiful wall paintings are from the 15th century. There has always been action in the church. North of the church an old graveyard from the Iron Age lies.

The maypoles

Eckerö has many maypoles. Do it like a real Alandian and visit them all.

Degersand Beach

This wonderful shallow beach is ranked Europe’s next best beach and is called the Hawaii of the North. The beach tempts surfers in January and thousands of sun lovers in July. An amazing place around the year, which season will you arrive?

Try the Åland pancake

There are many recipes of the Åland pancake, many of them have been in families for generations. Rice or semolina, there are various opinions regarding which is the best one, but at least a lot of cardamom is needed. The pancake is served with whipped cream and prune cream, or why not with raspberry jam if you prefer that. Rice or semolina, prune cream or raspberry jam, what do you prefer?

A cold Stallhagen

The Alandian brewery Stallhagen produces many award-winning beers. Most of the watering holes in Eckerö have a broad selection of the local beer. Honey beer, the slightly darker Delikat, or a Pale Ale, which one is your favourite?

Watch the sun set in the sea

Watching splendidly beautiful sunsets in the sea is a great ending to your Eckerö experience. The long western beach line enables you to admire the sun setting in the blue horizon from many places. Time to rest and get ready for new adventures.