“A new start for the golf in Eckerö”

”Tomas Sundberg, the entrepreneur who invests in new projects, has never played golf but has made sure there now is a new, fresh golf course with 18 holes.”

Instead of watching the golf course in Eckerö disappear completely Tomas Sundberg believed it might be possible to keep it. And it was, Tomas says, who has been the brains behind the project and renewed the golf course. Now a newly renovated golf course with nice opportunities for playing with 18 holes, bunkers, and ponds can be found. It has been an intense journey, learning about building and running a golf course. But running projects and making sure everything works is something I have been doing for a long time. That is the challenge, making sure everything goes as it should, Sundberg reflects.
The golf course is situated along Eckerövägen, only 10 minutes from the harbour in Berghamn, Eckerö and 30 minutes from Mariehamn by car.
This makes it possible to take a day trip and go golfing.
Eckerö golf has existed since 1995, with nine short holes and a driving range. In 2004 the long hole course with 18 holes was inaugurated. After a little break Eckerö golf is now re-opening the first of May, 2015.
Those who have visited Eckerö golf before will notice that the driving range is not there anymore, because Smart Park is being built there instead. Smart Park is a family park with many attractions and activities that will open for the summer season. A new driving range can nowadays be found on the north side of Eckerövägen.
–Yes, a lot is going on in Eckerö, it feels good to be a part of it, Tomas Sundberg says.