The municipality of Eckerö offers some 50 attractive land lots for new housing estates.

Do you want more of Åland and Eckerö? Do you want to live with the forest and the sea around the corner, and enjoy a slower pace and a simpler everyday life than in the city? It is easier than you think to buy land on planned space, even though you are not from here. Here you have an opportunity to buy your dream house and maybe even start your dream company in a beautiful environment, only a four hour boat and bus ride away from Stockholm, or a 40 minute journey by car to the only city in Åland, Mariehamn.

Choose between:

  • South Storby, walking and biking distance to municipal service facilities like kindergarten, school, and library, but also close to the
    beach and the ferry terminal.
  • Kyrkviken, close to the sea and a sea view in the west, with a share in a beach and a dock.
    Land lots meant for industry and handicraft, just outside the centre of Storby on the way to Torp, close to the road, water, and sanitary sewer.


Do you want to know more?
Call the municipal office: Ph. +358 (0)18 32 930