”The sea sucks”, people used to say. This was not meant in a negative way, quite the opposite. It meant that the sea gave you an appetite, and when dinner finally was served you and your taste buds were happy.

The same goes for today. In Eckerö the sea is never faraway. Is that the reason the food tastes so good  here? Or is it because the food is made with love and care, often from scratch and with focus put on fresh, locally produced primary
products? Having the sea around the corner means, among other things, being close to good fishing waters, and many restaurants have fish on their menus..

Was your day wild or peaceful? Have you experienced new things, felt new smells, thought new thoughts? During dinner you can reflect over the day: take it easy, talk about what has happened, really feel the luxury of sitting by a set table.

Give yourself time to enjoy the food. Look at the people, the environment, and the plate before you. Pay attention to the aromas, the consistency, and the flavours of what you are eating and drinking: successful combinations, exciting contrasts. Make your dinner a party, nurturing not only your body, but your senses as well.

Gastropub Bodegan

Sit on the dock in the middle of the authentic fishing hamlet of Käringsund and enjoy homemade food. Naturally fish in different forms is served. Gastropub Bodegan is said to have the best hamburger plate in Åland – with homemade dressing & coleslaw, of course. The á la carte is open 12-22 during tourist season.

Fiskeläget 44
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 530

The family park Smart Park

Finish an active day filled with knowledge with clean flavours and Alandian primary products. At restaurant Sparks you can have a glass of wine or a locally produced beer with a view over the park. Have a seat in our child friendly dining hall or enjoy the evening sun on our cozy terrace.

Eckerövägen 388
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0) 18 38 499
+358 (0) 457 344 9666

Käringsund Resort & Conference

In the summer we have different kinds of buffets in our restaurant to offer our guest. During the midsummer weekend and the mail rowing weekend (postrodden) we offer special buffets and every week between 28.06-30.07.2018 we are serving buffets three times a week: Mondays: Tacobuffet, Wednesdays: Fillet of beef buffet, Saturdays: Archipelago buffet between 18.00-21.00 o'clock. Please book a table and inform us about special diets and allergies and we will try to adjust the buffé so that everyone can enjoy it, welcome!

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 000

Degersand Resort & Restaurang Q

Restaurant Q with Pia & Petri’s tasty, homemade food is the core of Degersand. A lot of fish is on the menu – it cannot get fresher and more locally produced than that. Thursdays during tourist season there is a barbeque, with a troubadour. Enjoy the evening sun on the terrace with cool and tasteful drinks, you have a beautiful view over the Sea of Åland. Complete rights.

Degersandsvägen 311
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 004

Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant

Their fatányéros are famous, but also fish and other things can be found on the á la carte menu. Everything is homemade, and focus lies on locally produced primary products. We also have wood-oven pizza that you can have as take away. Warm summer evenings dinner is enjoyed on the big terrace, maybe with a glass of bubbly.

Käringsundsvägen 53
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 447
+358 (0)40 73 61 447


An early dinner can be a fantastic start on a long summer evening. Café Tsarevna serves food made with feeling and the primary products of the season – preferably organic and locally produced. Normally Tsarevna (“the daughter of the tsar”) closes at 18, with the exception of music and theatre evenings, when supper is served.

Eckerö Post- och tullhus, Sandmovägen 1
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38112
+358 (0)40 16 38112

The Fish Shop

Everything you need for a lovely dinner – but served wherever you want! The fish shop in Storby offers freshly caught fish and rainbow salmon from their own fish rearing: fresh or raw spiced, cold smoked or warm smoked. Spice it up with homemade sauces or cold smoked shrimps, and complete the dinner with salad or potatoes.

Käringsundsvägen 118
22270 Eckerö,
+358 (0)18 38 615