fira-ikonCelebrate the Evening

Sometimes carefree, sometimes full of melancholy. Summer days coming to an end can be magical. The light night sky in early summer, or the deep blue dusk of late summer: never does a workday feel more remote than during warm summer evenings when only
a cardigan is needed.

Celebrating the evening could mean a late, long dinner while watching the sun set in the sea. It could also mean sitting on a terrace with good friends, enjoying a locally brewed beer from Stallhagen or an elegant glass of bubbly from the South. It could mean listening to live music – or maybe composing it.

Celebrating the evening can also be something completely different and secret. The important thing is to embrace these magical evenings while the heat of the day still lingers on your shoulders and legs. It is important to enjoy summer while it lasts in order to have something to live on in the dark and cold winter, until summer returns again.

Gastropub Bodegan

Time to relax after a day on the beach and watch the sun set in the sea. At Gastropub Bodegan, in the middle of the authentic fishing hamlet of Käringsund, you can get a late dinner or a cool drink: beer, wine, or cider, and maybe even some tapas to go with that? During tourist season we are open until at least midnight.

Fiskeläget 44
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 530

Käringsund Resort & Conference

During warm summer evenings life is most beautiful under the open sky. The big terrace at Käringsund Resort & Conference is a meeting point for the locals. The barbeques with live music are popular, but just a cold beer after a warm day is not bad either. Enjoy yourself while the children play within sight.

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 000

Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant

In the comfortable chairs on the terrace of Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant the summer evening is one long enjoyment. Choose among the refreshments from the international cocktail menu, evening coffee, and wriggle with a locally brewed beer from Stallhagen or a luxurious three course dinner made of Alandian primary products.

Käringsundsvägen 53
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 447
+358 (0)40 73 61 447


When the sun shines it is nice to refresh yourself – and if the weather does not hold up a warm drink is great. Let time fly in Café Tsarevna, with a glass of wine or a beer from the local brewery Stallhagen. In summer music and theatre evenings are arranged. In the historical environment of Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House you gain new strength.

Eckerö Post- och tullhus, Sandmovägen 1
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38112
+358 (0)40 16 38112

Käringsund Resort & Conference

Sometimes you almost feel like you want to have the sunset and the sea by yourself. The popular beach sauna at Käringsund Resort & Conference with an outdoor hot tub lies secluded by the water. Relax with family or friends, listen to the waves, feel the heat and coolness against your skin. Just sit in the hot tub and enjoy…

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38 000

The family park Smart Park

At restaurant Sparks the evening can gladly get long. In the evening the park area is delimited and from our sunny terrace you have a view over the children’s playground. Here cold beer, good wine, and wonderful food is served. If you want an evening adventure the adventure golf course and the Segway track keep open.

Eckerövägen 388
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0) 18 38 499
+358 (0) 457 344 9666