kom-igen-ikonWelcome Back

Those of us who live and operate in Eckerö want you to be happy with your stay here. We hope that you go home full of nice memories, remembering good meetings, delicious food, beautiful views, and great experiences. Yes, we hope you are so content that you want to return and that you try to find good reasons for returning. Soon.

Some tips:

  • A kick-off or a work conference
  • A fishing trip or a peaceful weekend in fall with berry and mushroom picking
  • A wedding or a family reunion next summer
  • A weekend with the girls with curling and sauna

Or maybe a meeting with friends, cousins, the class. Maybe even a meeting with yourself: a weekend by yourself in a cottage, reading good books and resting.

Here some good places for bigger groups and events to return to are listed. If you only want a roof over your head: look under the caption WAKE UP as well. Welcome back to Eckerö!

Välkommen tillbaka till Eckerö!

PS! Maybe you want to stay for good? Continue reading… many residential plots are for sale…

Eckerö Linjen

The Eckerö Linjen does not just transport you across the Sea of Åland, we are also experts at organising package holidays for groups and individuals alike. Accommodation, activities and culinary experiences: Eckerö Linjen makes it easy for you to just sit back and enjoy your trip.

Ph. Sweden, +46 (0)175 258 00
Ph. Åland, +358 (0)18 28 300

Hotel Elvira

By booking at least 15 rooms you get the hotel for yourself. An appreciated place for company conferences, private parties, association meetings, or choir camps. We also have a bar, restaurant, terrace, conference rooms, and a sauna with a terrace and a view of the Sea of Åland. Opportunities to lectures, guided tours with the Ålandguide, feel well-treatments such as zumba, meditation, and mindfulness.

Sandmovägen 85
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 200


From sumo wrestling to walking tubes – challenge your colleagues or friends to a pentathlon among the inflatable attractions of Playland. Collaboration, competition, and a lot of laughter is the perfect kick-off. It is impossible not to get to know each other while playing together.

tKäringsundsvägen 85
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0) 457 344 9850

Käringsund Resort & Conference

Does the conference become more inspiring with sea view? In Käringsund Resort & Conference you can find everything in the same place: accommodation, food, activities, and fully equipped conference rooms. In the coffee break the big glass doors are opened towards the sea – and perhaps the meeting continues on the beach.

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 000

Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant

Centrally located in Storby and everything under the same roof: accommodation, good food, and fully equipped conference rooms. In Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant various groups arrive: from companies to pensioners, school classes and sport groups. The hotel staff helps with the activities. Perhaps a boat trip with a lunch pack?

Käringsundsvägen 53
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 447
Ph. +358 (0)40 73 61 447

Curling Åland

Curling is a perfect team-building opportunity for companies and other groups. After 45 minutes you know enough to be able to play an entire game. Each player is involved in every stone, you have to communicate and help each other – and the laugh factor is high! A beer or a glass of wine afterwards is a nice finish.

Käringsundsvägen 85
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)457 374 97 78

Degersand Resort & Restaurang Q

Sky and sea, sand dunes and an open horizon. The entire environment at Resort Degersand encourages creativity: perfect for conferences and parties. The fresh cottages are winterised, and from October to May you can hire the entire place. When the year comes to its end: come and enjoy the Christmas table with homemade delicacies.

Degersandsvägen 311
22270 Eckerö
tel +358 (0)18 38 004


Welcome to a different party room and an inspiring conference environment, surrounded by a historical atmosphere. Tsarevna offers different kinds of arrangements: from the informal rooms of the café to the elegant rooms in the Mail & Custom’s House. Delicious food is a part of the concept – perhaps with Russian elements.

Eckerö Post- och tullhus, Sandmovägen 1
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38112
Ph. +358 (0)40 16 38112

Eckerö Linjen

The Eckerö Linjen does not just transport you across the Sea of Åland. If you are about to arrange a group trip or a conference on Åland, we would be happy to arrange the whole package for you. We work together with all the local establishments and can tailor the trip to your exact requirements. Kick off the conference on board? Meeting rooms are available – and good food of course.

Ph. Sweden, +46 (0)175 258 00
Ph. Åland, +358 (0)18 28 300