The cairn graveyard in Nabbergen has some 80 establishments, spread over a ca 300 x 200 m big area. The establishments can be dated to about the birth of Christ. Walk from the village of Käringsund toward Hummelvik Camping and then walk along Hummelviksstigen, past the camp site, and you will see a sign that says “Rösegravfält” in the third curve.

Walk 1, Storby, 4km

Start at the Fish Smokinghouse on Gamla Käringsundsvägen, walk past the Hunting & Fishing Museum. Turn left towards the Viltsafari and follow the sign that says “Naturstig”.
Take the path to Berghamn. Follow Eckerövägen to Sandmovägen past the Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House, The Sandbo Beach to Eckerövägen.
Walk past the Jussi’s Ceramics, continue past Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant. Walk past the Eckerö Hall and the curling hall.

See & do and watering holes

1 Hunting & Fishing museum
2 Mail & Custom’s House, Postal Museum, Café Tsarevna
3 Sandmo Beach rock bathing
4 Hotel Elvira
5 Jussi’s Ceramics with café
6 Eckerö Hotel
7 Playland with café, Curling hall
8 Viltsafari
9 Gastropub Bodegan by the guest harbour

Walk 2, Storby, 5 km

Start at Käringsund Resort & Conference.
Follow the road to the forest – wander along Farmvägen behind cottage villages and camp sites.
At Eckerö School, turn right, follow Käringsundsvägen down to Käringsund.

See & do and watering holes

1 Käringsund Resort & Conference
2 Eckerö Hotel
3 Curling hall
3 Playland
4 Viltsafari

Close by

5 Jussi’s Ceramics
6 Labba’s rural community centre
7 Maypole (tallest in Åland)

Walk 3, Semesterloppet, 4 km

Start at Käringsund Resort & Conference. The walk is marked in the terrain and is located in the forest along forest roads and trails.