sola-bada-ikonSunbathing & Swimming

What would a summer be without sunbathing and swimming? Eckerö has most sun hours in Åland and is surrounded by the sea from all directions, so it is difficult to miss the chance.

Here we present the most important public beaches.



Degersand in Torp in southern Eckerö has been nominated the next best beach in Europe by British Metro and the travel blog Beachtomato.
The sand dunes and the open horizon contribute to a southern atmosphere: the best beach in Åland.

Degersandsvägen 311
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 004

Sandviken/Sandmo Beach

The beach in Sandviken in Storby, a stone’s throw away from Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House, offers shallow and often warm waters with a sand ground suitable for children. Adult swimmers have to wade out to the boathouses.


At Käringsund Resort & Conference there is a lovely beach, with a view over the old boathouses and the inlet to Käringsund.
On the big terrace ice cream, coffee, and other refreshments can be purchased. If the weather is cold there is a big and warm swimming pool.

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 000

Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House

The rocks by Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House is a beach that is easy to miss – the soft sand can be seen only when you have stepped into the water. The water height varies from waist-high to shallow.

Böle/Summer swimming school

On the beach of Böle Folkhälsan in Eckerö keeps a swimming school in summer. For children of 5 years old and older. The children get an opportunity to practice swimming and to play in the water and on land. Two hours per day, Monday-Friday, lasting two weeks. For the smaller children a swimming school lasting one week is offered, Lek & Plask. Registration for the swimming school always takes place the Sunday before it starts, on the beach of Böle at 18 o’clock.