ta-med-hem-ikonBring Back Home

Where is home? On holiday that is not easy to know: is it where you slept tonight, or where you are about to sleep the next night…or is it where your own bed and mail box stand around the year. On the following pages you can read about what to buy for a holiday at home and for a normal stay at home.

Here are some tips of where you can find Alandian delicacies – to be eaten immediately or to bring back as souvenirs.

But also art, art handicraft, classic souvenirs, and more unexpected travel memories and presents are listed. What about mustard or handmade chocolate pralines? Or why not a painting – a bit more expensive but also eternal.
Bring back home a piece of the Eckerö summer: an extension of the good life.

Gastropub Bodegan

A painting, perhaps of the sea, for your apartment in the city, in order to remember wonderful summer days? Or something you need for your cottage or boat: a paperback or a new guest harbour guide, shampoo or a new toothbrush instead of the one you lost at sea. Gastropub Bodegan sells everything you might need for your summer holiday.

Fiskeläget 44
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 530

Åland’s Hunting & Fishing Museum

Save the smell of summer and boats by buying soap that smells like tar, or get cozy with a stuffed Northern pike in plush. In Havsboden in the Hunting & Fishing Museum the entire selection reminds you of nature and archipelago, fishing and hunting. Knives and fishing lures, books, toys, and local art handicraft. Salty presents for children and adults.

Fiskeläge 37
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 299

Mercedes’s Chocolaterie

There is a praline for every mood, claims Mercedes Urbano-Winquist, who makes exquisite, handmade chocolate pralines and other chocolate products in Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House. In the pralines from Mercedes’s Chocolaterie the best cocoa of Venezuela mixes with Alandian primary products: butter and cream, sea buckthorn and honey.

Eckerö Post- och tullhus
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)40 53 96 699


Do you want to bring some of Tsarevna’s delicacies with you home? On the shelves biscuits, homemade muesli, and homebaked bread (also gluten free) tempt you. Wonderfully smelling handmade soap, organicw tea, and massage lights made of soya wax… the selection varies, because here inspiration and the season decide what is for sale.

Eckerö Post- och tullhus, Sandmovägen 1
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38112
Ph. +358 (0)40 16 38112

Jussi’s Ceramics

Beautiful, functional objects for the kitchen meant to last for years. Mouth-blown glass from the own foundry and noticeable silver jewellery. In Jussi’s Ceramics in central Storby you find Alandian art handicraft for everyday use and for parties. The colourful glass solely makes the visit in the shop a feast for the eye.

Käringsundsvägen 3
22270 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)40 51 08 421

Käringsund Camping Pub & Café

The small supermarket in Käringsund Camping Pub & Café is useful to both those living there and to those who are only passing by. The small supermarket has a selection of basic commodities needed during the holiday. If you arrive in the morning it smells extra delicious, because breakfast bread straight from the oven and baked from scratch is for sale.

Käringsundsvägen 147
22240 Eckerö
Ph. +358 (0)18 38 309