Wake upvakna-2

A new day is here, filled with opportunities. How do you preferably wake up? To the sound of waves and water, the whisper of the wind in the trees and happy voices outside, or just to silence? In a comfortable bed knowing a lovely breakfast buffet awaits… or on a plain sleeping mat, as close to nature you can get, with your favourite lunch pack in the coolbox?

Many of those who first did an excursion to Eckerö over the day come back and want more.

Camp site or cottage, guesthouse or hotel: here we have gathered places for overnight stays for all parties and tastes. In some places newly baked bread buns are served, in other places it is possible to take a dip in the sea before breakfast. Some are summer paradises, some welcome you during all seasons.

Make sure to fall asleep where you want to wake up in order to get a … good morning!

Käringsund Guest Harbour

Käringsund Guest Harbour is probably one of the most beautiful harbours of the Baltic Sea. The guest dock weaves softly along the red granite rocks and is in full harmony with the grey boathouses of the old fishing hamlet. During the tourist season you can order newly baked bread for breakfast. The route for sailing in to the harbor can be found on the homepage.

GPS WGS84: N 60° 13.971’, E 19° 32.3674’
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38530

The cottages of Marbyfjärd

Loftet, Lyckan or newly built luxurious Villa Strandpärlan – whichever cottage you choose it is certain that you will live comfortably and wake up with a sea view. Private and child friendly with a shallow beach and a playground. Take a boat or fishing trip or orient (a specialty), after which you can bathe in the wood burning sauna by the sea.

Brage och Sue Eklund
22270 Eckerö
+358 (0)18 38594

Kroken’s Cottages

Wake up to the morning sun, start the day with a dip in the sea and have breakfast on your terrace. Tallebo, Granebo, Enebo, Björkebo: Kroken’s Cottages offer fully equipped cottages in a quiet forest environment close to the sea. Safe environments for the children and close access to the best beach of Åland – Degersand.
Bokas via Eckerö Linjen: www.eckerolinjen.se

Degersandsvägen 247
Torp, 22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)457 54 17 431

Havsbandet (earlier Hotel Elvira)

Wake up in a quiet and peaceful environment in our comfortable beds. Every room is individually decorated and gives you a cozy feeling. Breakfast is served in our restaurant or on our terrace with a view over the Sea of Åland. Havsbandet lies next to the historical building Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House from the Tsarist era, close to the local bus to Mariehamn and just a walk away from the harbour of Eckerö Linjen. A nice morning walk that lasts a couple of minutes and you reach the beautiful red granite rocks by the sea, which attract you with a refreshing dip in the sea.

Sandmovägen 85
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 200

Granberg’s Guesthouse

Solid and lavish materials, thought trough planning and a phenomenal view of the horizon of the Sea of Åland. Long standing tourist entrepreneur Bengt Granberg has named his latest exclusive cottage First Lady.
Next to First Lady, in the centre of Käringsund, lies the popular Fyrvaktarstugan: exactly like in “We on Seacrow Island”, but modernly equipped. Together both houses hold 18 people. Perhaps something for families and friends who want to spend the holiday together?
The concept of Granberg’s Guesthouses contains unique cottages of different sizes and characters spread across Storby: Bagarstugan, Härbret, Lilla Torpet… what type of cottage are you?

Käringsundsvägen 54
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
Bengt Granberg, tel: +358 (0)457 31 35 345
Bärbel Granberg, tel:+358 (0)457 344 31 50

Granbergs gästhem

Bengt Granberg was brought up with ”summer guests”. As a child his grandmother ran a guesthouse in the upper apartment of the old farm. Now he runs Granberg’s Guesthouse in the same spaces. Perfect for families with children: a quiet, rural environment with deers, chickens and ducks; in the centre of Storby.

Käringsundsvägen 54
Storby, 22270 Eckerö,
Bengt Granberg, tel: +358 (0)457 31 35 345
Bärbel Granberg, tel:+358 (0)457 344 31 50

Degersand Resort & Restaurant Q

Fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves by Åland’s best beach. Put your caravan or pull up your tent at the small camp site of Resort Degersand, only a stone’s throw away from the water, rent one of the fresh and fully equipped cottages decorated with Alandian design, or anchor at the guest dock. Here the morning light is beautiful.

Degersandsvägen 311
22270 Eckerö
tel +358 (0)18 38 004

Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant

On the ground floor you can wake up to birdsong – and once a guest even saw a roe deer being born. Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant is centrally situated but at the same time in the middle of nature, a family hotel with a classic environment and a personal reception. Scrambled eggs and bacon with newly baked bread for breakfast, with an Alandian touch of cheese, ham, and yoghurt, which give a nice start to your day. Choose between different hotel packages and make a reservation on our web.

Käringsundsvägen 53
22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 447
tel: +358 (0)40 73 61 447

The Cottages of Husfjärden

Live close to the nature in a rock scenery by the beach, and enjoy the evening sun on the terrace. Fishing and nature lovers come to seek peace and quiet in the cottage village of Husfjärden. The blue green cottages blend in nicely with the environment and are fresh and fully equipped. Spring, summer, autumn: every season has its own charm.

Husfjärdsvägen 75
22240 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 542
eller +358 (0)400 56 27 98

Hummelvik Camping

By the shore of a leafy bay in Storby in Eckerö lies Hummelvik Camping, an authentic and well taken care of family camp site with a shallow beach in the west, swings and trampoline, a big lawn and opportunities for fishing and boat excursions. Within close reach to everything, and still quiet and secluded: a camp site at the end of the road.

Hummelviksstigen 34
Storby, 22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 311

Käringsunds Camping

Käringsund Camping lies close to the sea and the old fishing hamlet environment of Käringsund, with rocks, beach and the forest around the corner. Here a trampoline, a sandbox and swings can be found for the younger visitors, and the camp site lies on walking distance from all activities and sights.
The camp sites obey the nature and most of the places are covered with grass. 5 simply decorated cottages exist for those who want a more stable roof over their heads. Many rent a place for their caravan for the whole season and stay longer…

Käringsundsvägen 147
22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 309
tel: +358 (0)40 589 72 30

Söderhagen Camping & Guesthouse

In Söderhagen Guesthouse the beds are comfortable and every room has a door that opens up directly into the nature. The popular breakfast basket can be ordered in to the room. A holiday paradise where you can both rest as well as participate in activities; everything from bathing excursions with a rowing boat, playing, to walks with the dog.

Söderhagen, Degersandsvägen 127
22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 596
tel: +358 (0)457 0723697

Björnhufvud Inn

In the village Björnhuvud, on a peninsula with the sea around the corner, lies a cozy inn. Here the road, and time, end. Everything is beautiful, from the plate settings to the window hooks. Enjoy yourself in the sunshine on the wooden deck, go to sauna or rent a boat, a canoe or a bicycle. In 2015 a vintage boutique will open and 2016 the restaurant will open for the public.

Fjärdvägen 14
22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38135
tel +358( 0)457 3447727

Andersson’s Guesthouse & Yard Bakery

”One sleeps so well here”, the host couple often hears their guests saying. Andersson’s Guesthouse is a “bakehouse” from the 1930s, modernised and cozily decorated with fresh rooms. A quiet and cozy place to stay – and freshly baked bread from the own bakery in the breakfast buffet.

Ravandersgränd 4, 22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 668
tel: +358 (0)400 423 482

Käringsund Resort & Conference

Käringsund Resort & Conference offers a variety of accommodation possibilities to suit all tastes. Whether you wish to stay in a large Bungalow, a luxurious Strandby Villa or a cosy red cottage by the sea. If you wish, you can also stay in a tent or caravan. We can accommodate a total of 400 guests. Our sea view cottages, bungalows and villas are located in a quiet area, surrounded by nature.

Käringsundsvägen 194
22270 Eckerö
tel: +358 (0)18 38 000